PolarStar Fusion Engine V2 GEN3

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  •  Designed, manufactured and built in the U.S.A..
  •  Assembled from CNC machined aluminum components.
  •  New GEN3 design now interfaces with AEG triggers and selector plates for cross compatibility with many different models.
  •  Capable of functioning in damp and sub-freezing climates without affecting performance or reliability.
  •  User selectable Semi/Full Auto, Semi Auto Only and Variable Burst modes.
  •  Open Bolt and Closed Bolt firing modes.
  •  Independently adjustable velocity and cyclic rate.
  •  Auto Switch mode allows for proper selector configuration for specific models.
  •  Interchangeable air nozzles to shift the velocity adjustment range up or down.
  •  Adjustable nozzle dwell and return to battery times to optimize feeding from any magazine.
  •  Easy to use Fire Control Unit (FCU) with LCD display and five position joystick.
  •  Uniform shot-to-shot air volume discharge allows for unmatched velocity consistency.
  •  Instantaneous trigger response. Faster than an AEG with a Li-po!
  •  Interfaces with stock AEG barrel/hop-chamber allowing for aftermarket barrel upgrades and the use of traditional AEG magazines.
FE Profile Version 2 Gen 3
Nozzle M4/M16 Blue
Cyclic Rate 500-1800RPM
Fire Modes Semi / 2 to 9 Shot Burst, Semi / Full Auto, Semi Only
Battery  7.4v Lipo with JST Connection (Voltage Range 7-10 DC)
Electronics REV3
PSI Operation Range 80-120psi (Do not exceed 120psi. It will cause internal damage)
Material Aluminum
Weight 12oz


Required Equipment:
The Fusion Engine is a very low maintenance, advanced system that requires a few necessary parts:

  • Airsoft AEG
  • HPA tank
  • HPA stabilizer/regulator
  • Small battery (7.4v-9.6v recommended. Can be LiPo or NiMH)


    The Polarstar Gen3 V2 Fusion Engine takes place of any Ver. 2 AEG Gearbox as a direct drop-in. It is powered via a High Pressure Air (HPA) setup and only requires a small battery (7.4v-9.6v NiMH or Lipo recommended) to power the onboard computer known as the Fire Control Unit (FCU). This kit comes with the necessary core parts to convert your AEG M4 / M16 to the Fusion System, and can be used with other Ver 2 Airsoft AEGs by replacing the selector plate, trigger and Fusion Engine nozzle (additional FE nozzles, triggers and selector plates not included). HPA stabilizer and tank required but not included.
    The Fusion Engine is compatible with AEG style Hop-ups and Inner Barrels allowing the use of standard upgrade parts. A great thing about the Fusion Engine is that stripped gears, blown motors, fried batteries, and just about every other problem with AEG's no longer exist. Say goodbye to hundreds of dollars on maintenance and countless hours fixing your gun!

    Designed to answer the demands of today's hardcore airsoft player, the patented Fusion Engine is one of the most reliable, high performance airsoft systems available today. No matter if you need a high fire rate CQB setup or a high velocity sniper platform, the Fusion Engine can do it all without sacrificing dependability or trigger response. Constructed from CNC machined aluminum our system is extremely durable and is even capable of operating under extreme temperatures without decreased performance or reliability.
    You can quickly change and adjust key functions of the engine via the on-board FCU (Fire Control Unit) which is no bigger than an AEG's MOSFET and can easily fit inside of a rifles battery compartment along with a small Li-po battery. Using the FCU's five position joystick and LCD display you will be able to easily adjust such functions as the systems cyclic rate, fire modes and nozzle timing on the fly.
    With the Fusion Engine in your rifle you will also be able to adjust its muzzle velocity via the remote air rig (sold separately). Adjusting the PSI output on your air rig will allow you to fine tune your rifles muzzle velocity so you will always be able to get it exactly where you want it. And then for larger velocity changes we offer a series of air nozzles with varying bore sizes to shift the velocity adjustment range up or down to best meet your requirements.
    The best part is that our system is extremely user friendly. Even if you have only the basic understanding of an airsoft rifle, you will find that operating and manipulating this system is very simple and does not require a degree in airsoft engineering to figure out.
    HPA system not included

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