The following information is in addition, or in part supersedes, VIPAirsoftArmory's Return, Warranty and Shipping policies. Please read carefully before proceeding with any international order as these policies are strictly enforced. If any stated or implied policies conflict, the policies outlined in this page take precedence.


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If your country is not listed below, there are no special restrictions for shipping airsoft guns to your country that we are aware of. However, we still recommend checking with your local authorities before placing your order as import laws are subject to change. VIPAirsoft Armory will not be held responsible for delays or confiscations by customs or law enforcement due to non-compliant products being ordered and shipped outside of the US.

This table is FOR REFERENCE ONLY, is subject to change at any time, is not guaranteed to be comprehensive, and shall not be used in contradiction to any applicable laws from any entity in which they may apply. Laws are also subject to change and those changes may not be reflected on this sheet. VIPAirsoft Armory does not provide any state or country compliant marking services such as painting, taping, or branding products such that they may require by local, city, state, region, county, country or otherwise law. It is the purchaser's responsibility to know any and all applicable laws. Some countries may not necessarily have restrictions but their customs agencies still regularly refuse to accept items. By placing your order you also agree that you are able to legally import and possess any and all products in your order and that you acknowledge and accept that customs may require additional charges, may have extended processing times for your item(s) and may reject them for any reason at any time. 


Country Gun Restrictions
Gear Restrictions
Australia Govt Purchases Only No Restrictions
Argentina Permit Required No Restrictions
Armenia Must shoot under 568fps (0.20g bbs) No Restrictions
Belgium Permit Required No Restrictions
Brazil CII Application Required CII Application Required
Bulgaria Import Permit Required No Restrictions
Canada Must shoot under 500fps (0.20g bbs)
OR Translucent construction
No Restrictions
China Banned No Restrictions
China Banned No Restrictions
Czech Republic No Restrictions No Lasers/Infrared
Egypt Govt Purchases Only No Restrictions
France Must shoot under 464fps (0.20g bbs) No Lasers/Infrared
Germany Requires "F in the Pentagon" marking.
Cannot shoot full auto
No Lasers
Hong Kong Must shoot under 500fps (0.20g bbs) No Restrictions
Iceland Permit Required No Restrictions
India Banned Restricted
Ireland Must shoot under 330fps (0.20g bbs) No Restrictions
Italy Must shoot under 328fps (0.20g bbs) No Restrictions
Japan Must shoot under 313fps (0.20g bbs) No Restrictions
Lithuania Must shoot under 520fps (0.20g bbs) No Restrictions
Macao Must shoot under 467fps (0.20g bbs) No Restrictions
Malaysia Govt Purchases Only No Restrictions
Mexico Permit Required No Restrictions
Netherlands NABV Permit Required NABV Permit Required
New Zealand NZ Police Permit Required No Restrictions
Pakistan NOC Number Required No Restrictions
Philippines Banned No Restrictions
Portugal ADP Permit Required No Restrictions
Puerto Rico PRPD Inspected Required No Restrictions
Romania Must shoot under 656fps (0.20g bbs) No Lasers/Infrared
Russia Must shoot under 600fps (0.20g bbs) No Restrictions
Slovakia No Restrictions No Infrared Devices
Slovenia No Restrictions No Infrared Devices
Singapore Banned No Restrictions
South Africa MTI Permit Required No Restrictions
Spain Govt Registration Required No Lasers/Infrared
Switzerland Import Permit Required No Restrictions
Thailand CO2 Guns Restricted No Restrictions
Turkey Import Permit Required No Restrictions
United Arab Emirates (UAE) Banned Banned
Ukraine Must shoot under 600fps (0.20g bbs) No Restrictions
United Kingdom UKARA Permit Required No Restrictions
United States Orange Tip Required for Transport No Restrictions



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