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Tech Tips

Tech Repair Ticket Login

If you have already submitted your repair into our Tech Repair Desk, you can check in on the status of your repair 24/7 365 online! Please utilize the same email address you provided when creating your login account the first time so your account will link to any and all tickets past, present and future. If you mailed in your repair, the email address you provided with your item will be the same email utilized during your ticket creation.   CLICK HERE TO LOGIN

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Tech Repair Costs

Both of our field locations have knowledgeable tech staff on-site to fulfill your repair and upgrade needs. Prices listed below do not include any additional modification charges as required based on the repair/upgrade/installation.  Our tech departments have a 1-2 week turnaround on average.  If you have already submitted your equipment into the repair department, please wait at least 5 full days Tuesday-Saturday before contacting us regarding the status of your repair. You can also view the status from home at any time by logging in online HERE.  If you intend to provide the parts yourself, all parts must be approved...

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Shipping in a Repair

Don't live nearby? You can ship your repair to us! We receive repairs in nationwide and have technicians with different specialties to fit every need.  Ship to: VIPAirsoft Armoryc/o Tech Repair Dept3841 E Baseline Rd K-133Gilbert, AZ 85234   Include the following in your shipment: Your First & Last Name Phone Number Contact Email Return Address As much information about what's going on with your equipment as possible. The more details you can provide, the better!

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General Maintenance Tips

Airsoft guns, like live firearms, must be cleaned and maintained with proper gun care. A neglected airsoft gun can result in malfunctions, misfires, locked gears and a broken weapon. Every gun requires different care based on its propellant needs, so it is important to read the manual or ask an airsoft technician or professional. Basic maintenance however, is simple. STORING YOUR GUN Always store your gun in a clean dry space away from young children. You don't want kids hurting themselves or hurting your equipment. Never leave your gun loaded as it could damage your internal mechanisms. Don't store your...

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Proper Gun Lubrication

As with firearm maintenance, airsoft guns need love too! Many people think that airsoft guns are just cheap toys but they are far from it; they are complex engineered pieces of machinery that require attention and proper maintenance, just like your car. DO NOT LUBRICATE YOUR GUNS WITH WD-40 OR GUN OIL! The proper lubricant for airsoft guns are high-grade silicone oils and sprays. Anything else will gather dirt, dust and debris, gunk up your barrel and cause corrosive damage to your gun. For internal lubrication, you can use PTFE oil in moderation. Alot goes a long way when it...

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