MAXX - M4 - LED Board and Wire Harness

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  • Designed for MAXX ME/MI Hopup Chamber series to glow BBs in the dark during firing
  • Mounted Single UV LED Board on one side of chamber to glow BBs
  • Mounted Clear Vinyl Cover on the other side to track the remained BBs inside chamber
  • Powered by connecting the 2 Round Terminals to the Motor Screw Terminals RED (+) and BLACK (-). DO NOT REVERSE POLARITY!
  • Wide Operating Voltage from 7VDC to 15VDC (2-4 cells LiPo, 6-13 cells NiCad)
Part Number MX-HOP005SLM
Spec LED Type: Ultra Violet Light
Wattage: max 1.5W
Current: max 230mA
Operating Voltage: VDC - 20VDC (2-5 cells LiPo, 6-16 cells NiCad)
Kit Includes
  • 1 x Single UV LED Board
  • 1 x Strong Clear Vinyl Cover
  • 1 x Electronic Module and Cable set

  • Manufacturer MAXX

    MAXX Model M4 Hop Up Units

    DISCLAIMER: Please use discretion when installing custom parts as fit and compatibility may vary. Some modification may be required. Professional installation recommended.

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