G&G - V2 AEG - E.T.U. 2.0 Mosfet Control Unit - Rear Wired

Mosfet: 3.0 ( Large Board)
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  • Electronic Trigger Unit (E.T.U. MOSFET)
  • Rear wired


Part Number Various
Material Metal Wiring
Color Red, Black
Manufacturer G&G
Compatibility V2 Gearbox

DISCLAIMER: Please use discretion when installing custom parts as fit and compatibility may vary. Some modification may be required. Professional installation recommended.


Settings to Change to 3-Round Burst

  1. Indicator light on the MOSFET will flash in every 5 seconds when sector gear is in incorrect position. Check Indicator light first before opening up the gearbox when the gun is firing more than one bb's in semi-auto or motor stops running.
  2. The indicator light will flash every 5 seconds for a minute to warn you about the power of the battery is low. Pull the trigger again and indicator light will flash for another minute.
  3. To set up full auto to 3-round burst
    1. Switch the selector switch to semi-auto mode and hold the trigger for 10 seconds, a red indicator light on the MOSFET will be turned on to indicate the set-up is now completed.
    2. Repeat the above steps to switch 3-round bursts to full auto

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